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Citrine is also known as the “Light Maker,” the Citrine crystal has a bright yellow hue, which reflects its equally vibrant energy. Like Vitamin C for the soul, the Citrine properties emanate positivity and joy. By connecting with the Citrine meaning, you can harness the energy of light from the sun embodied within this stone, which acts as a source of positive energy in all aspects of your life. From your attitude and outlook to your projects and pursuits, the Citrine crystal meaning is perfectly suited to raise your vibration and help you embrace positivity and optimism as you move through life.


    Weighing: 78g

    how to clean my citrine stone ?
    5 very effective methods which can be used to cleanse Citrine: water, sage, salt, incense and Selenite. It doesn’t matter which cleansing method you decide to choose, as long as you feel intuitively connected with the specific cleansing technique. Cleansing your crystal is not only effective for practical purposes, but can also help to form a stronger bond with your Citrine. Focusing on sending the Citrine positive intentions while practicing any type of cleansing method will intensify its unique properties.


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