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This stone received its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is one of my favorite tool in metaphysical wellness. It is believed to be an abundant stone known as Satin Spar. It has a beautiful milky sheen that illuminates from the surface.This crystal itself is often referred to as “liquid light” and can be used as a communication device between physical and Angelic world. This crystal provides a calming effect that naturally puts mind at ease and provides its carrier with mental and emotional clarity. A protective stone, Selenite always shields a person or space from outside influences. It can evoke protection from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energy. Selenite helps one connect with one's guides, guardians and Higher Self. Very calming and soothing stone to bring in deep peace and sense of tranquility. You can use Selenite in a grid around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space. Meditating with Selenite provides in access to past and future lives. This beauty brings in mental clarity & clearing confusion. One of the things that makes selenite a unique crystal is its ability to constantly self-cleanse and recharge itself. In fact, it's only one of two crystals that can do this, with apophyllite being the other. Other crystals need to be periodically cleansed of negative or residual energies through methods such as a salt water bath. But because selenite self-cleanses and recharges there is never a need for you to cleanse or charge this crystal. Due to its powerful metaphysical properties and ability to charge itself, selenite is one of the most popular crystals used to cleanse or recharge other crystals. Recharging and cleansing rid your crystals of any negative or unwanted energies that can build up over time.


    Measurments: 11.5cm 
    Caring for your Selenite:
    Selenite is a soft form of crystal and scratches and flakes very easily, so be gentle. It is also a self sustaining crystal, which mean is doesn’t really require any cleansing or charging, but it great for cleansing and charging other stones.
    However, I do think it’s a good practice to brighten that energy on occassion, but this is also a personal choice.. but if you decide to do so you can so this in moon light , or with some sage . 

    Do not use water or any liquids to clean your Selenite plate. Simply use a dry cloth or paper towel and wipe clean.Charging: While most suggest that Selenite does not require to be charged, it you would like to charge it, you can do so by placing in a window or on your patio (in a safe place) or any spot where it can bathe in the moonlight overnight.Cleansing: To cleanse the plate of any bad energies that may have collected over time, use sage or sage incense. Simply suggest the negative energies release to make room for positive ones as you gently wave the sage or incense around you plate so that the generated smoke mingles with all sides. Placing in moonlight can also additionally cleanse your Selenite.

    NOTE: KEEP SELENITE AWAY FROM LIQUIDS. Selenite is vulnerable to water — it will dissolve. Please avoid placing near any water sources. When physically cleaning, please wipe with dry cloth only.


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